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Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream in Light

(Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream in Light – £28*)

Now and again I like to dabble in BB Creams. It is a hype that I haven’t entirely bought into, as a few of the BB creams I have tried have been good, but not something I would opt for daily. There are quite a few on the market now and it sometimes difficult to know which one to go for over another. I recently was lucky enough to try the Clarins BB perfecting cream and again was firstly dubious. However, I applied some of the product to my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and began buffing it into my face. First of all, the light colour and the lightest there is, is actually quite dark and I could just about get away with it due to my constant tanning routine recently. However, if you’re usually pale, this wouldn’t be the BB cream for you. It is also quite pink based, as I usually go for yellow foundations. Yet the pink is not too noticeable and instead blends into a lovely skin tan shade so it didn’t leave me feeling as though I had applied the wrong colour. It blends beautifully into the skin though and creates such a great coverage. It reminds me of foundation in its consistency and medium coverage, so for anyone who loves a thicker coverage yet wants more properties of a lighter foundation or tinted moisturiser, this could be the product you’re looking for! As you can see from the images, the coverage is great and looks as though I have applied a medium coverage foundation, whilst also giving me quite a tanned glow. 
This product has definitely altered my perception of BB Creams and I understand now why a few people I know have totally moved over to the BB side. Whilst I wont use this daily, it is something I will reach for weekly and especially on days when I want a thinner foundation covering. A really lovely product and one that definitely puts the hype back into BB’s.
Are there any BB creams that you swear by?

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