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Beauty Finds for Christmas

This is going to be my second in a series of Christmas gift ideas. Call it my Christmas gift guide, and due to that, it will be getting its own category label, up there in the neat little bar at the top of my blog. Everything I blog about up until Christmas day, that I think would make a wonderful stocking filler or present for a loved one, I will stick it inside that folder for you to get a few inspirational ideas from. This post I thought it would be perfect as its full of big and small gifts, great for stocking fillers as well as some beauty treats. So here we are.

Nude treatment Oil – £58
Nude Radiant day Moisturiser – £42
Nude Miracle Mask – £38
John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo – £5.89
John Frieda Full repair Oil Elixir – £9.99
Katy Perry Lashes – £5.99
Q Deodorant/Body Spray – £2.99
Molton Brown Single Wick Candle – £36

John Frieda

For those with hair in need of repair, the Full Repair range I would recommend for an age. It really cleans the hair from root to tip and doesn’t leave it greasy. Other than Paul Mitchell products, I use this range pretty much every time I wash my hair and the new formulation of the ‘Hydrate and rescue’ bottle, is perfect for adding a little extra oomph to dry and damaged hair. The Oil Elixir is then the perfect buddy and can be added to the tips of your hair before drying to smooth, soften and add even more intensive repair. 
Such a luxury skincare brand and something that can be bought in sets, saving you quite a lot of pennies and therefore perfect for Christmas. The Treatment oil can be added into foundation or rubbed into your skin in the evenings and mornings to adds nutrients, oils and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It is described as ‘lighting the skin from within’ which is perfect for those that suffer with dull and tired skin. The Miracle Mask is another favourite and after leaving on the skin for 5 minutes can refine the pores, renew the skin and leave a smooth complexion. All of the nude products leave instant results, rather than waiting for a few weeks for the routine to make a difference. They are expensive because they work straight away and results are apparent within one or two uses. The radiant day moisturiser includes anti-ageing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and collagen as well as omega and copper to revitalise and moisturise the skin. Again the results can be seen within a few uses. 
Katy Perry Lashes
Most ladies like to adorn their eyes in long and luscious lashes when they find the right occasion. These from Katy Perry are great as a more natural pair, but this Christmas Eylure and Katy Perry will be launching a Christmas range which are absolutely stunning. Definitely keep an eye out because they will be perfect for the party season or buying for your best girl mates.

Molton Brown Candle
Whilst I would not recommend this scent of candle, Molton Brown scents are usually incredible, so this would make an amazing present for Christmas. Just make sure that you smell the candle before purchasing. The packaging and bow have made me feel so excited for Christmas!

Q Deodorant
Whilst Charlie and So…? body sprays have been around since I was in my early teens, it would seem that there aren’t many products around for young women or those in their twenties. That is, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a body spritz from the Body Shop or Victorias Secret. These mens and women’s fragrance and deodorant sprays from Q are great in that they have been formulated to be one note away from really popular mens and women’s fragrances. If you want to spritz your body all over with Dior or Versace, these are definitely worth a try! And theyre great as a little stocking filler.
I hope thats given you a few ideas for prezzies!

V x

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