Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream

(Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream – £24* or from Lookfantastic )

When the winter months draw in, our skin does tend to have a mind of its own. In the past, my face has come out in bumps and lumps, patches and super dry eyelids that sting when you apply creams. Pretty horrible at the time and something I would like to avoid at all costs the following years. The main thing I would say for Winter is just make sure that you’re not skipping your moisturising routine . It is actually essential to keeping our face protected in the mornings and rescued in the evenings. With that in mind, Balance Me have brought out another great product that is fit just for this purpose. Being a really thick moisturising cream, it is packed with rose oils and kukui nut oils to keep moisture loss at a minimum whilst softening and plumping with vitamins, Shea butter and other natural ingredients. It has its usual Balance Me rose and herbal scent which I adore and really does blend beautifully into the skin, making it feel soft and super moisturised. It is not at all greasy, so perfect for under your make up in a morning, meaning that when you go outside, the cold weather will not be getting to your skin the same as it normally would. If you’re looking for a winter skin saviour, this is definitely it. 
V x
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