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Sanctuary Hot Sugar and Foaming Cream Scrubs

(Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub – £11.25* and Foaming Cream Scrub – £6.50*)

These products are some of the first to really grab me in a long while. Whilst they may look like ordinary body scrubs, decorated in lovely cream and orange packaging, they are in fact a lot more than that. The foaming cream scrub consists of tiny salt grains and oils that lather up on the skin and really work at gently exfoliating. It is perfect for getting a great lather on a sponge or bath lily and is fantastic when used with a body massager like I have recently bought from the Body Shop. It also smells really beautiful and is a scent that I’m sure most people would adore. 
Moving onto the hot sugar scrub, this product wowed me when I first used it. I dipped my fingers into the large jar to a strange, clay like consistency. But when you begin to work the product between your hands, it rapidly heats up. When applied to your skin, it forms a warm coating, which will of course open up the pores and allow a more thorough exfoliation. I have never used a product like this before, so I was so amazed at how it actually works. Again, it smells really lovely and is a fantastic body scrub for a more intense exfoliation. The sugar particles are bigger than in the foaming scrub, so if you are after something more intensive, then this is a perfect match. This would also make such a lovely gift for someone and will probably last for months at this size! This is definitely going next to my bath for the nights I want to indulge. Very very impressed and I will definitely be buying more bath products from Sanctuary in the future.

Have you ever used anything like this before? What would you recommend?

V x

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