Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam

You may have come to realise that I like to use a number of volumising products in my hair. I alternate between the Bumble and Bumble Texturising Cream, ghd Volume Foam and this, the Paul Mitchell sculpting foam. I find that the result I get with this is similar to the rest, especially the ghd Total Volume Foam, so I would recommend both just as highly actually. This foam comes out of the tube, expanding to about twice the size in your hand. I find that you only have to apply about the amount shown in my hand above, if not a little less than this. I add it to my hand and then rub my hands together to disperse the product. I then tip my hair over and roughly apply the foam through the lengths of my hair nearest to the roots, but not directly on the roots as this will just make your hair greasier much faster. I also apply any left over product through the lengths and ends to add more texture. 
I find that the product adds far more body to the hair. It thickens it up slightly, adds texture, makes the hair more manageable and adds volume. It doesn’t make my hair feel like straw or even that any product has been applied, it just feels easier to work with and full of body. For that reason, I recommend trying foam products and especially the Paul Mitchell Foam or ghd Volume Foam. Both are amazing and are products I will continue to buy in the future. 
Do you have any amazing hair products you can recommend for texture and body?

V x

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