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Paul Mitchell Curls Range

You may be aware already that Paul Mitchell is one of my favourite hair care brands. Their products are always a step ahead of the products on the high-street and my hairdressers has used Paul on my hair since I was about 4. So, I have a bit of an affinity for the brand if you get my drift. So recently I was really excited to give their new Curls range a try, especially as said hairdressers said they were awesome.
The stand out product for me has to be the shampoo. It doesnt lather up as bubbly like ordinary shampoos do, yet shampoos actually arent supposed to do so. That is just chemicals added to normal shampoos to make them lather so you feel that they are doing a better job. In fact they are not, but we are all used to that great lathering feeling now so its hard to like anything different. So this lathers, but not to a massive extent, yet you still feel as though you can get a good clean out of your hair. With my hair being quite thick, I sometimes felt like I needed to add more product, but I actually doubt I really did. After rinsing, the hair does feel really clean and not weighed down. The lack of lathering will mean that the hair will be less likely to frizz up when it begins to dry, hence why this shampoo is frizz fighting. 
Another great product is the texture cream. I added this to my hair before drying, scrunching it through the ends as I would normally do with my Paul Michell Foam or Bumble texture cream. It works in a similar way, adding definition to pieces of the hair so that when dry, the hair looks beachy and slightly wavy. Again, it was a great product that was very similar to the texture cream, yet I would say with an even beachier finish. 
The crunch free definer is in fact crunch free. I added a fair amount into my hair a different time to the texture cream, and used it in the same way. Adding a 10p amount to the lengths of my hair, twisting it around in the hands so that my hair was covered. Then I dried my hair upside down, scrunching the ends as I went along to add a bit more definition. When dry, the product had defined my hair making it quite beachy and was not at all crunchy like the infamous hair mousse used to be. The hair was also less frizzy and massive, as it usually is when I finish drying it. It was more tamed and ready to style, almost giving that second day hair look.
The leave in treatment would be another great one for those with actually curly hair, unlike myself. You add it to towel dried hair before drying and run it through the ends to separate and define curls. It will then leave the treatment in the hair whilst it is dry, nourishing the hair and keeping the curls frizz free. The handy pump handle is also really useful.
So, what would I buy again? For my personally, as I have straight/wavy hair, some of the curl defining products are not as necessary for me, although they do increase the wavyness and unfrizziness of my hair. I loved the shampoo and really felt it worked for my hair and I also love the texture cream, as that is a type of product I know my hair loves. The curl definer was also fantastic and I love the bottle design with the twisted product, yet I know that I would use the texture cream to a bigger extent. Yet for those that have hair with a bit more body and curliness, this line would be a definite winner. Of course it would, its Paul Mitchell!

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