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Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

 (Le Volume De Chanel Mascara – £24 (mini sample shown))

Some of you may have taken advantage of this deal as I did. Stylist magazine were giving away the opportunity to try a sample of the Le Volume De Chanel Mascara if you signed up online and I was excited to find out I had signed up before they had ran out. Mascaras are one of those things that take a while to find the perfect one. I have spent so much money trying out and hating different mascaras in the past, so I love when I can try samples of them first. This mascara I was actually expecting more from. The brush isn’t as firm and combing as I prefer. I often stick to Benefit They’re real because the wand has structured bristles that really comb through each lash. This one however, seems more clumped and with shorter brush bristles, so it doesn’t pull and elongate my lashes as easily. Whilst it did stay put all day and didn’t seem to flake, the overall finish I wasn’t amazed with and if I was going on a night out and had done my eyelashes this way, I think I would have been a bit disappointed  For that reason, I wont be buying the full size version of this, or falling in love with it, as I half expected to do. All eyelashes are different though and it may work differently for you, but for my eyelashes, I know this isn’t the new mascara that is going to blow me away.  
If you’ve tried this, what did you think?

V x

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