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Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

(Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo – £11.95)

Although I may be pink and lilac at the moment, I was platinum blonde for about 8 years. I hated the golden blonde tones peering through my hair after it had been bleached and especially when it was coming to the point of needing my roots redoing. I have my hair toned at the hairdressers, to pull the yellowing bleach to a white, silver which massively helps. But afterwards, blonde hair needs a lot of upkeep to make sure it stays looking as bright as possible. 
I used the Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde for years and still love that product, but decided to look around the market to find something even better. And I found it. The Fudge Clean Blonde shampoo is the cure for yellow hair. After using a touch of regular shampoo and rinsing, I then add a good amount of this into my hair, almost coating every strand so that my hair looks bright violet. This colour will wash out but the tones in the shampoo will draw out the yellow tones and wash those out with them. It leaves your hair extremely silver with hints of lilac throughout. Unlike the Paul Mitchell product which leaves your hair white and slightly lilac if you leave it longer than 5 minutes, the Fudge product really does turn the colour of your hair to violet if you leave it on for a longer time. This I personally love as I prefer to have a bit of colour in my hair at the moment. For those blondes who fancy going slightly lilac, this is definitely a product you need to try. However, a note for anyone with pink or lilac hair, do not use this to top it up as it will just strip your hair of colour to make it blonder. I accidentally did this to my lilac hair to see what would happen, and it stripped parts of my hair, turned them violet and didnt turn others, so my hair went a bit lilac camo. Not the best look. But amazing for lovers of platinum and violet. 
Any other silver or violet shampoo recommendations, please do let me know!

V x

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