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Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask

Face masks are something that I have only dabbled in for the past few months. I hadn’t really ever thought about using them until so many bloggers were raving about how good they were for the skin, so I went for a few of the most well known ones. Then I came across this one by Elemis and it was totally different to any other I had tried. Rather than a gel solution, this one is cream based and you feel as though you are applying moisturiser to your face rather than a sticky liquid. However, unlike face creams, this very quickly sinks into the skin and leaves just a slight sticky feeling, so you know that there is something sat on your skin. I applied it all over my face and neck and left it for about 12 minutes to work its magic. I then just rinsed it off of my face with my hands and water, yet using a cleansing cloth would also be great here if you need some intense exfoliation. Just rinsing it off with my hands I could feel how beautifully soft my skin felt and I was immediately impressed with how it had rejuvenated my skin. Due to how easy and comfortable this is to use, I will most definitely be using it twice a week as it suggests, just to get rid of any dead skin cells and to wake up the face after a week at work. I am really taken by this and will be highly recommending this to friends, as well as you guys! Its a bit pricier than other face masks, yet if you need a big pick me up for your skin at the moment, sometimes skincare is the best investment.
Do you have any amazing face masks that you would recommend?

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