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Balance Me Super Toning Body Cream

I have already said what a huge fan I am of Balance Me products. The packaging is simple but effective and all of the products smell so natural. I haven’t found a product I dislike yet from this range and I have had the chance to try yet another wonderful product. Recently I have let my gym routine go and spent 3 months in America eating everything and anything I wanted. Due to such, I have needed a little toning pick me up and it is always lovely to treat yourself to toning products when you feel a little body unconfident. 
The toning cream has the same scent as the other products in the range, which immediately says to me natural and essential oil ingredients. In fact, the products are 99% natural and contain no added rubbish, so you know you are adding products to your skin that will be fresh and gentle. I have been adding the cream to my thighs every evening for the past few days, rubbing it in with circular motions towards the heart. After half a minute or so, the cream is worked into the skin beautifully and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Whilst I must say that I haven’t noticed a huge change yet, I know these sorts of products can take a week or so to start seeing any differences. Yet, working the product into the skin is half of the job of these products, so as long as you find an amazing cream that you love the scent and consistency of, then the chances are you will use it more and will be constantly massaging your skin. And that is half of the battle. Getting into a routine where you are working at the skin every day so that the fatty deposits start to break down and your skin can begin to look smoother. So at this stage, I am loving this product as I adore the scent, I love the creamy consistency and it works so well into the skin with the essential oils. It can be applied quickly before bed and you can hop straight in without having to wait for it to dry for 10 minutes. It makes it convenient and quick to use and that again is something I look for in moisturising and toning products. So it gets a big thumbs up from me. 
I think if you’re not feeling your best at the moment and you want a little skin pick me up, this is a product you should definitely have a look at. 

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