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Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Deep Plum, Black Cocoa and Copper Glow

(Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen – £9.50*)

About 9 months ago,  I bought the black Pixi Silky Eye Pen, hoping to find a new creamy eyeliner for smudging into the perfect smokey eye. If you were reading my blog back then, you may have seen the negative review I gave it, after realising that in fact the plastic outer coating was unsharpenable. I literally tried three sharpeners and all were useless. However, reading about my plight with the sharpener, Pixi very kindly sent me out three of their pens to try again, to see if this time I could fall in love with them as I had hoped. It was at this stage that I went back to my black eyeliner, that had fallen deep to the bottom of my eyeliners pile and tried to sharpen it with my newest sharpener bought a week previously, from Topshop. This time, it sharpened perfectly and I was stuck between two emotions of guilt and happiness. Guilt that I had acted too quickly on my upset of the pen, and happy, because of course now I could use it again.

It is at this point where I get on to the topic of these three beauties. Now I have resolved the sharpening issue, I can go back to my first feeling about the pens which was pure love. The pens really are so creamy to apply and when sharpened, form a really beautiful line that can be smudged or left as it applies. For those who would like to try a colour alternative to generic black, there are these three which are so stunning. Deep plum is a rich plummy, purple with a dark and brown undertone, so it is extremely subtle yet catches the light as a purple tone. Black Cocoa is a dark brown shade and would probably be a good replacement for Mac’s Teddy Eyeliner, yet with the cream finish. Finally, copper glow is a rich burnt reddy brown that would be so gorgeous under the eyes for Fall. All three pens are so pigmented and last all day after applied. Very handy to carry around and top up as a rich eyeshadow or eyeliner shade also. So, I must apologise to Pixi for speaking so negatively about the eye pen because in fact I do love it and I will continue to use them whenever I am after a creamy eyeliner finish or a smokey eye for Fall. I would definitely recommend these if that is the sort of product you are after. Plus, who could say no to this cute packaging!?

Have you tried the eye pens? How did you get on with them?

V x

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