Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Bath and Shower

Molton Brown is such a luxury to use. I remember going over to my Uncles house in London and every bathroom would be packed full of Molton Brown goodies. I would sneak some into the bath and just love how amazing it smelled and bubbled up. I have never smelled the Blissful Templetree range until now and I am upset that it has never made an appearance in my life before. It smells absolutely gorgeous. So fresh and bright with the most clean and beautiful mix of jasmine, patchouli and frangipani. Not too over bearing but the perfect scent to wash with. Showering with this in a morning is sure to start your day off well. I will be so gutted when this runs out but I may just treat myself to the larger bottle to keep by the bath for special bath treats.

If you can recommend any other Molton scents to me, please do let me know :)

V x

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