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Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash

I have been using tangle teezers for over a year now and have noticed a great improvement in my hair. They really reduce the amount of hair being pulled out or split and can cut through knots brilliantly. I also love to use my tangle teezer to brush out curled hair as it adds so much volume and makes my hair look shiny and bouncy. I recently found this inside a Selfridges beauty box and was excited to see it was for use in the shower with wet hair. Now as a rule, I do not brush my hair when it is wet, at any time. I wait until it is dried to give it a brush through, otherwise I pull out so many hairs. I was jubious therefore to try it for the first time, yet I found that it wasn’t quite as damaging as other brushes. The bristles were great at combing through wet hair and the grip and shape of the brush meant that it was really easy to use. Yet there are still hairs that are pulled out regardless of the quality of brush so I will leave my hair unbrushed in future. But that is just me.

If you have really tangled hair when in the shower, I first of all recommend trying a brilliant conditioner such as the Paul Mitchell Super Strong conditioner or the Tigi Serious Conditioner as they are amazing. After that, I would suggest a detangling mist and then I would try brushing with something like the aqua splash.
When the hair is not wet, the bristles on this brush are much firmer than the usual tangle teezers and I feel they are less comfortable to use. It does not brush my hair as nicely and softly as the regular teezer and I have found myself rummaging for my other brush on every occasion, so that I can brush my hair the way I prefer. For this reason, this is not something that I will continue to use but I will continue to buy and stick with the regular teezer. If you’re new to tangle teezers, I would recommend sticking with the original teezer and perhaps moving to the Aqua Splash if you want a wet hair alternative.
How have you found the aqua splash?

V x

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