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My Trek around the U.S #3

It’s week 4 and I’m in the backseat of the van on the way to Utah. Every day has been filled with either travelling or sightseeing and I’m pretty shattered. After Louisiana and New Orleans, we headed to Texas for a few days before moving into New Mexico. The first night was just a stop off at a camp site in Baytown but unfortunately I was really ill that night and tried to just sleep it off. There were bugs and cockroaches everywhere and trying to do laundry was a total pain. Finding a tarantula on the tents was also pretty awful but we got through it.

The next morning we headed to San Antonio and spent the day in the city looking at the Alamo and shopping around a few stores that I recognised. Armed with Body Shop products and Victorias Secret lingerie,  me and the gang went for a few pints in a nearby English pub, true brits style. That night we ended up staying in the pool having drinks before an early night. The next day we went along to Austin and were lucky enough to have cabins for the evening. Everyone seems to push to get cabins at every site we visit, and although it means a bed for the night, sometimes the beds are no better than the floor. But a few of us spent that day as a free day, chilling around the pool with a few drinks before getting ready for the evening and heading into Austin. As soon as we got there we hurried to a nearby bridge and watched the excursion of the bats at dusk, where millions of bats swarm out of the bridge. It was incredible to sit and watch and lasted for around an hour. If you’d like to see a video of that, there’s one on my Instagram feed, @inthefrow. So after watching the bats, we hit the nightlife of Austin and went to a bar called Petes Piano where two guys played live piano and sang along to requests. Such an amazing atmosphere and one of the best bars I’ve seen so far. 

The next day, worse for wear, we headed off to a stop over camp ground in Balmoray that had a freezing cold natural spring. Other than that, there was nothing else there to do but play poker and lie on your back and look at the stars. The next day we crossed into New Mexico and went to Roswell,  the alien spotting capital of the world. The museum was so outdated it was brilliant and we all made special hats out of aluminium to commemorate our trip there. After an hour or so, we kept driving to Santa Fe and walked around the city. The buildings are entirely different and look like something out of the flint stones. No sharp corners but rounded off buildings in one of 23 shades of brown. A few beers and Haagen Daaz sorbet later we then went for a New Mexican meal at Tomacitas and gorged on Mexican food. The enchiladas I had were amazing and it was great to spent the night all sat together chatting indoors.

The next day we went along to Carlsbad Caverns and looked around miles of underground caves. It was amazing to see the rock formations hidden so far beneath the earth and it was lovely to be cool for once. That evening we went along to a drive thru movie and watched World War Z which I wouldn’t really recommend to be honest. It was really similar to I Am Legend but nowhere near as great. The camp site was so rustic and wild and the wind was blowing a gale all night yet I managed a good sleep for the first time in a while. The next morning we had an early start and drove to Mesa verde in Colorado, taking in the Echo Theatre on the way which was amazing. A huge cliff side with a bowl naturally carved into the side, so any small noise beneath echoed around the whole cliff. The team took the time to shout ‘America, Fuck Yeah!’ in true Team America style. After that, another 5 hour drive led us near to  Mesa Verde and a lovely camp site surrounded by the Colorado mountains. We sat in the hot tub for the evening and drank while the sun went down.

An early night and more windy weather and we had a 7.15 set off. We went to the national park and took in the amazing sights of the cliff dwellers, climbed ladders up the cliff and scurried through holes in the rocks. Afterwards we seemed to go back in time at a small cowboy style town called Silverton. We went into a fancy dress store and all dressed up as either cowboys or bar girls and took an old fashioned photo as you can see above. So much fun and it was amazing to get such an awesome group shot. After some mashed potatoes and peach cobbler in a local old fashion cafe, we drove to the camp site and set up for the evening. Soon after we went for a late night dip in some local hot springs and chilled for the night.

Today is Sunday and were on the bus to Moab, Utah for some hiking through the National Park and a sunset trail hike.

I hope you’re all well :) Follow my path around the U.S Coast on Instagram – @inthefrow and Vine – IntheFrow. For every section of these posts, you can find them in the Travelling Category :)

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