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Ilah Brows Travel Kit

(Ilah Brows Travel Kit – £29.99*)

I gave the Ilah brow kit a whirl a few days back as a change from my beloved Naked Basics Palette. The shades consisted of either a light brown, dark brown or black with a light shade that is perfect as a highlight. The kit also comes with a brush and a small mirror which is perfect for on the go. The kit also includes three brow shaping stencils. You are supposed to line these over your eyebrows and fill inside the stencil with the brush and powders. I have not done this as I’m unsure as to how great this would look on my particular eyebrows but for girls with very sparse brows or none at all, this could be a great help. I tried using the brush supplied but the shape of the brush was not at all helpful for precise application, as I like to use. I used my own eye definer brush and dipped it into the wax which was quite soft. I then applied this over my eyebrows to give them into the correct shape and direction. I think I may have applied a little too much wax as my brows just looked a bit too wet for my liking. I then used the same brush to apply the darker brown over my eyebrows as I felt the light brown was a tad too vibrant for my brows, if that makes sense. It looks almost like a yellow brown and I prefer something a tad more subtle and grey toned. I tried to apply this over the wax so that it would adhere, yet it just didn’t seem to work for me. To be honest, I think I needed to have used a different brush that was not coated in wax, as it just didnt seem to be working or picking any product up out of the pot. So overall, my experience with the Ilah kit wasn’t amazing, yet I’m going to give it another go using a different brush for each step and a little less wax. I do like the idea of the wax though, especially as Benefit Brow Zings are so popular and look so fantastic. I’m sure this could give a similar effect with just a little more practice. The addition of the mirror and highlight shade is definitely a big plus for me.
Have you tried this? How did you get on with it and can you give me any ideas of how to use it better?

V x

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