Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

I am not one to stray from face washing products that I know and love. However, I had never tried Elemis before and the packaging of this product made me feel as though there might be something special inside. I luckily received the Elemis Face Wash within a goodie bag from a Bbloggers event. Since that time, I have come to the end of this tube now unfortunately and I must admit that it will be sorely missed from my daily routine. It probably lasted around a month when used daily. For the price it is, this probably seems quite steep, yet the quality of the product does make it worthwhile if you love your skincare. As it is an exfoliating product, the orangey gel inside is packed with lots of little tiny beads, perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells on the face. Yet, it is not too harsh at all, especially not compared to some face washes I have tried and failed with. This is somewhat light and refreshing whilst also exfoliating and my face felt so clean and fresh after usage. I expected to like it but not love it and unfortunately I have fallen head over heels. I only say unfortunately because of the price tag, but I think if I see this on sale at any time in Boots or Superdrug, this will definitely be getting purchased again. I think that face wash is the most important part of a good skincare routine, so why scrimp on the essentials I guess. 

V x

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