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Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care

I don’t know why I have taken so long to review this, especially as I love it so much. For anyone with colour treated hair, using oils and treatments is a must if you want to keep it in excellent condition. This product is a solution for damaged and treated hair as it aims to nourish, smooth and condition. I spritz a few sprays of this onto my hair after drying, aiming it at the lengths and ends, missing the roots. I twist it into my hair and smooth it through until all of my lengths have been covered. You can also spray some of this into hair before drying also, and it will work partly as an oil spray. It contains conditioning properties that can be left on the hair after washing and drying, rather than rinsing them out after. It means that your hair will always be coated in a conditioner, protecting it from further damage and repairing it throughout the times you are not washing. When you leave the bottle to sit, the solution splits into two sections. The first contains nutri-oils with almond, coconut and argon oil which helps to smooth the hair after drying. The second section is a serum that conditions and restores the moisture in you hair.  Before use, you shake up the bottle to mix the contents, ensuring that your hair will be conditioned, moisturised as well as helping to reduce frizz. I find that after using this product, the frizz in my hair is greatly reduced and the hair feels much smoother and more manageable. It just takes away that initial frizzy stage after drying and your hair will be good to go straight after drying if you use a touch of this first. I really love this product and it really does smell gorgeous also. Always a big plus. 

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