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My Trek around the U.S: Week 1

I thought I would try to write a weekly post on my trip updates. My blog may be about beauty and fashion primarily but I do like to throw in the odd lifestyle post, and I think this trip is a pretty special type of lifestyle. Plus, I’m sure so many of you love travelling or the thought of getting away, so I hope this might inspire you. Just in case you aren’t aware, I am currently on the Trekamerica Trailblazer trip from New York to New York, travelling the entire coast of North America. It lasts 64 days and ill be spending an extra 10 in New York and Boston at the end with family. 
So far there have been major ups and mega downs. The downs being three days of the most insane rain and thunder storms I have ever seen, through North and South Carolina and into Florida. New York was even raining when I arrived. It just meant that our tents and luggage got absolutely soaking and everyone’s spirits were drowned with it. Yet, a few nights we managed to rent out cabins and slept in the dry with a good nights sleep. Sleep is probably the biggest issue. We are all pretty exhausted and living on around 4 hours sleep a night due to the rain, heat, hard floors and snorers. But we do all make up for it in the van on the drive to the next stop and try to sleep as much as possible, generally all falling asleep as soon as we set off.
Yet with the bad has been some incredible moments that make the down times seem almost worth it. This morning I woke up out of my dry tent to a lake view and beautiful morning sunshine in Florida Key West. We went on a sunset boat trip last night with free booze and the beautiful Florida sea, and it was pretty amazing to watch the sun go down. A few days ago we kayaked on a lake in St Augustine again whilst the sun went down, and we were sat next to manatees playing around in the water. That was easily my highlight so far. The most calming relaxing kayaking trip you can imagine. The night out in Miami was incredible and just everything I imagined. We first went to an all American bar where the men were typical Americans and the basketball finals were on the largest screens, accompanied by cheers and howls. We ended up in an outdoor club with a pool and joined in with dance routines and dance offs like they were the norm. The next morning you can imagine how awful I felt. Other highlights have been seeing the White House, Lincoln Memorial and the State Captiol building in Washington DC, Maryland. We took a midnight walk through the city and took in the sights lit up by tiny flickers of light. Such an amazing thing to see. 
I’m currently sat writing this on a beach in Florida and looking forward to another chilled evening tonight. So much more to look forward to, with New Orleans Jazz clubs, a Louisiana swamp tour and a Texas Navajo Indian meal where we get to sleep beneath the stars. Ill keep you updated. Until then, feel free to follow my trip around the states on Instagram @inthefrow and on Vine Inthefrow. 
I hope you’re all having an amazing summer so far and please do let me know your comments :)

V x

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