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Label.M Resurrection Style Dust

I am surprised I have actually managed to review this before my boyfriend commandeered it. As soon as I put it within his sight, he was all over it asking if he could use it/have it/take it away, so I managed to get a little review in first. This is the first time I’ve used a style dust after seeing my friends use them for years. I heard that style dusts can really build up in your hair and take a while to come back out, so I was dubious to use them for that reason. However, my fears have been eradicated after trying this product. All you do is part your hair where you hope to get a little lift. You then shake this product along the hair line with the four tiny holes it has on top – almost like a sugar shaker. A small amount of dust will land along your parting and hair. Then all you do is flip your hair back to normal and scrunch the hair line so that the dust starts to grip and take hold. You will find that by scrunching and pushing your hair into a volumed position will leave it staying in that volumed position rather than falling back flat again. This product just seems to add a bit of grit and texture to your parting, sticking your hand into the style you want. It really is so good as well and I have been using this instead of hair spray every time I go out because the results are so apparent. Just a bit of this under the side of my hair and they really do look so much more volumised. I almost wish I’d started using this sooner now. And when it comes to washing, it is fine and comes straight out if you have a good enough shampoo. My boyfriend literally loves this stuff for his short hair too, so if you’re a guy, or if you have a guy to buy for, this is a brilliant for guys who want a bit of volume and to style their hair slightly. For the price, it will last quite a while too, so I’m thinking this is a bit of a winner.
Do you use anything similar? Can you recommend me any?

V x

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