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Bassboomz and Bassbuds

(Pink Bassboomz – £49.95* // Silver Bassbuds – £34.95*)

Whilst I dont always mention electrical products, recently I have collected a number of home type products that I think are worth sharing. Two of which are the Bassboomz speaker and Bassbuds earbuds. You may have already heard me mention the Bassboomz speaker on a recent video and seen me loving it on my instagram, but I really have formed a little crush on this gadget. It plugs into your computer to charge with a supplied cable so you dont have to buy batteries. It condenses down to half its size if you want to carry it around in your bag and yet even at full size it is palm sized. The sound it produces is just a touch louder than my Macbook Pro and at a recent house party I had, we used the speaker as the music supply. So for a number of reasons, Ive found the quality and idea behind the speaker to be pretty awesome. It may be a touch pricey, yet you will get a portable and high quality sound system that fits in the palm of your hand. 
The Bassbuds are from the same company and are the in-ear equivalent. The quality is definitely there as is the slick design. There are a number of colours to choose from and each is engraved with a crystal on the end of each ear. Very bling indeed but I really like it. The buds can be kept inside a little black bag and come supplied with 9 sets of earbuds in differing sizes and material. They also have a microphone built into the cable and a button that allows you to play, stop, next and activate siri in either a one click, two click or pressing motion. The only thing it doesn’t have that the Apple cables can rival them on is the volume control and I often find that I need the volume control whenever I am walking around, so that would have been handy.
At first I wasn’t sure about this product as I wasn’t able to get the buds into my ears easily. However, then I realised that the earphones had come supplied with a range of buds to attach to the end yourself, in three different sizes and in either silicone or memory foam so you choose the exact type you prefer. At this point, I added the tiny buds onto the end and my difficulty was over. They fit snug and comfortably. You are meant to push them quite far into your ear so that they isolate all noise, helped by the bud which forms a plug in your ear to block all sound. The sound will also not be heard by others, so no embarrassing moments of your favourite ‘uncool’ artist being heard on the train. And they really do cut out all outside noise entirely. It is you and your music forever after. Yet, I do sometimes prefer to hear a little bit of whats happening next to me, but for some, this would be an amazing trait. Too many people listen their music too loud so that they dont have to hear the outside world, and this would do the work for them. The quality of the lead, design and Crystaltronics sound is brilliant and I really feel like Bassbuds have tried to think of everything the consumer might need. With the addition of volume controls, these might be pretty perfect. Definitely recommended to those who love music at the gym or on the commute and want great sound that doesn’t escape from your ear. 
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