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So…? Body Fragrances and Eau de toilettes

(So…? Eau De Toilettes – £5.99* // So…? Body Fragrances – £1.99*)
For me, So…? fragrances are a huge blast from the past. Even my flatmate squealed with nostalgia when I showed her the assortment of fragrances I was trying. I used to have So…? Kiss Me when I was around 13 and loved having a body fragrance to freshen up or to use just out of the shower. It was around the time when perfume was too expensive for a young girl without an income and body fragrances were so affordable and smelled really nice. Yet, I know a number of people that use body sprays and fragrances regularly, something to spray all over that doesn’t cost about £1 per spritz. There are quite a number of So…? Fragrances to choose from depending on whether you’re looking for something sweet, floral or otherwise. 
So Enticing is definitely my favourite. Quite sweet yet not too candystore with notes of peach and orange flower which makes it subtly fruity.
So Sinful is a blend of strawberrys and pineapple so has a lovely sweet smell, yet nothing too overpowering. You wont be smelling like a cocktail, put it that way, yet it is a lovely fruity blend. 
So Kiss Me is as I remember, with citrus notes and a vanilla undertone. It also blends blackberrys and pineapple, so the outcome is a fruity yet soft vanilla fragrance. 
So Brit is the least fruity of the bunch, with a typical english scent that lives up to its name. Very floral and english country garden with rose, vanilla and amber. 
All four of the eau de toilettes and body fragrances are quite strong scents and something that could probably stay noticeable for an hour or two. Each has a slightly synthetic, vodka scent to it at first, as you would expect from most inexpensive perfumes and body sprays, yet they dry down to reveal the fragrances beneath. Perfect for those who want an inexpensive perfume or spray to throw in their handbag for when they are out but want a pretty and pleasant scent also. At the price they are, you  really cannot complain. 

V x

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