Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion

Body lotions are one of those things that I should apply more often but never seem to find the time. However, there are cases when I have just shaved my legs for example and I want to lather on a beautiful lotion to calm and smooth the skin whilst also smelling divine. This product is perfect for one of those occasions. It applies easily, sinks in quickly and leaves your skin smelling like tarte au citron.  With Aloe Vera and Shea and Cocoa butters inside, it leaves your skin feeling rehydrated, conditioned and nourished. Also containing Lemon and Lime essential oils, if you love lemon scents, you will definitely be a big fan of this. I also really like the bottle and the way the product is dispersed via a tiny opening, rather than a large lotion bottle. This is definitely the moisturising product I will be reaching for in the next few months.

This is the first Organic Surge product I’ve used and I really really like it. Have you tried anything from Organic Surge? What would you recommend?

V x

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