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Topshop Lip Liner in Fearless

( Topshop Lip Liner in Fearless – £5 )

I must admit that although I love love love lipsticks and have from a very young age, I am not a big lip liner girl. You would think that I would embrace the liner to make my lipsticks even better, but alas, I am extremely lazy. To be honest, I do not think that lighter coloured lipsticks, such as nudes, beiges and baby pinks really need a liner, as if they are applied correctly, I feel they create their own lighter line. Yet, darker lipsticks, the likes of Rebel by Mac or even Nicki Viva Glam as pictured above, do need a little helping hand sometimes and I think they do help to define the lip shape much more so. I bought fearless from topshop as I wear a lot of pinks and I felt that this was quite a wearable pink shade. It does not go with a lot of my lighter shades, but it does work well with deeper fuschia pinks such as Illamasqua Immodest, Nicki Viva Glam or Speed Dial for example. This one transfers well onto the lips and does help to nicely define. If you accidentally mess up, you can easily rub it away and start again, yet this is a downside as the longevity is not absolutely incredible. You will need to top up the liner as much as you will top up your lipstick, but I  guess this isnt too awful. Just not great for a lazy bones like me when I just want to throw on some lippy and go. Yet, if youre looking for this sort of shade to line your favourite lip products, Id recommend you give this a go.

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