Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

( Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer – £12.25 for 75ml )
This is one of those products that costs a fortune for a tiny amount of product. However, when you start to use it, you realise just why you paid all that extra cash. You apply the product to damp hair before washing, running it through the lengths of the hair in sections until you feel it is mostly covered. You then leave it in your hair for ten minutes whilst you do something else, before washing it out and beginning your usual hair routine. When this begins to wash out, you can feel how smooth the hair feels, almost as though it has been covered in conditioner. Afterwards when drying, the hair feels tamer, lighter, more manageable and smoother than usual. I have definitely been able to notice a big difference and will most probably be picking up another tube of this, if not the larger tub now I know how much I love it. This is definitely one product that is worth the hype and is absolutely worth trying.

V x

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