Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner

I wear lipsticks daily, especially nudes and light pinks that often need reapplying every few hours. I have said it before that I am often really lazy with applying lip liners, the quicker the application the better. But to be honest, I have never actually found a lipliner that works well with nude and light pink lips. Often the lightest lip liners are actually deep pinks and would look like I had drawn around my lips with a felt tip pen, rather than creating a beautifully subtle lip-line. The invisible lip liner from Lipstick Queen is something that aims to solve this problem. It is an invisible line of what I expect is a waterproof type gel, that when applied to the lips helps to seal in any lipstick that may try to escape around the edge of the lip-line. It is perfect for those who suffer with lipsticks bleeding through cracks in their lips and brilliant for those who love light pink lips like me. This could be used for any lipstick colour however and would work amazingly with the likes of deep maroon reds that can smudge all over your chin if you’re not careful enough. I think I might keep this handy in my handbag from now on.
Have you tried anything like this before? What did you think?

V x

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