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Babyliss Boutique Straighteners

I am a girl who loves to use straighteners for one thing only nowadays, and that is curling. For years I had straight hair every single day and as you can imagine, straight and bleached hair don’t go together very well. For the past 18 months though, I have been preferring my hair to be natural, enjoying the naturally wispy straight wave that my hair gains after drying. Whenever I use a heating styler, it is now only to curl my hair rather than straighten it, so the qualities of a curler are what I look for in a straightener. I was really excited to try the Boutique range from Babyliss after not being previously aware of it. There are a few products in the Boutique line including a hair dryer and curlers as well as these straighteners, all with an elevated price from the usual Babyliss electricals.

(Babyliss Boutique Straighteners – £100* from

For the price, I know you must be asking what all the fuss is about. Well first of all, and a massive plus for me is the difference in ceramic plate size between these and a regular ghd size plate. In the photograph above, I have placed the straightener next to the ghd mint styler to show the added length you gain from the Babyliss Boutiques. It is almost an inch longer, meaning that you can curl more of you hair in one go, without it falling through the centre of the styler as I always find. As that is a massive bug-bear for me, the enhanced length of the plates was a huge bonus. Other benefits include the control over the heat, ranging from 180 to 235 degrees, controlled via plus and minus buttons and viewable on a digital display. This I really liked as I have never owned straighteners where you could control the heat before. I would also say that these straighteners seem to have more grip on the hair than the ghd’s, allowing you to keep more control over silky soft, just washed hair. The only downside I would say, is that the curls sometimes got stuck slightly on the plates, not allowing me to completely twist the hair whilst pulling the straighteners through the hair. I find this happens with the ghd’s also, but I felt this did that slightly more. Yet, this may be due to me using the plates on the lowing setting to test them out, as higher heats allow you to move through the hair easier. The images above show curls made from the 180 degree heat and are just the same really as the curls I can create from my ghd’s. Therefore, I would say that these straighteners really are up there with the likes of ghd stylers. They are around the same price, do the same job, yet have added benefits such as the controlled heat and display and the extremely long plate length. Before you buy your next pair of straighteners, it might be worth looking further than just the ghd logo and seeing what else is on the market. 

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