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Urban Decay Ammo 2 Palette

As of about 2 months ago, I became a big fan of my first Urban Decay product, the Naked 2 palette. Since then I have tried one or two more products and have not yet been disappointed. This product is another fantastic product from Urban Decay and one I have not heard much about in all honesty. The Ammo 2 Palette consists of ten of Urban Decay’s best selling eyeshadow shades in a really cute, silver and purple printed package. As opposed to the Naked palettes that consist of eyeshadow shades in a similar neutral spectrum, this palette instead houses ten alternative colours, so that effectively you can create a large combination of looks. There are golds and neutrals, greens, blues, pinks and a pale shimmer, all in tones that would fit perfectly together; of course. The eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented and blend so beautifully, they are just as fantastic as Urban Decays other eyeshadow products. However, there is something about this palette being slightly diverse in its choice of shades that is making me think it might be my new fave (Naked 2, I do apologise). Plus the fact that it consists of all of the best selling shades means that it is filled with amazing choices. To give you a few ideas of how you could create a few eye looks with this gorgeous product, I tried and tested a few shades below:

Shimmer and Gold

Using a combination of Polyester Bride in the tear duct, Sin over the lid, Chopper in the crease and a touch of Smog over the very corner to make the colour deeper at the outer end of the eye. I also added Oil Slick along my lash line as an eyeliner. My personal fave and a style of eyeshadow that I opt for weekly. 

Golden Greens 

Combining Polyester Bride in the tearduct, Maui Wowie over the lid to give a gorgeous green tinted gold and Mildew over the crease. Green is not a colour I have worn in years actually, but I really loved this look and the subtlety of the golden green tone. 

Ocean Blue

With Polyester Bride again in the tearduct and half way along the lower lash line, this beautiful blue shade consisted of Shattered over the lid and Oil Slick through the crease mixed with shattered to deepen up the the blue tones. Quite simple but I really liked how the colour seemed to suit the colours in my eyes. Shattered is such a gorgeous blue tone, I am going to try to use it so much over spring as the colour is so vibrant. 
I really hope I might have inspired you in some way with these looks, even if it is to reach for one of your old eyeshadows out of a box. But I would highly recommend this palette, mainly for consisting of ten wearable and beautifully pigmented shades and the cute, travel-size packaging, perfect for weekends away and nights out. Oh and it also comes with a mirror, handy brush and an eyeshadow primer, bonus. This is definitely a winner for me. 
Please let me know what you thought of the looks. Any combinations you would try instead?

V x

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