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25 Random Facts About Me

I really enjoy these posts as they’re a great insight to bloggers personalities. So I thought why not. Here goes… 
1. I am actually naturally blonde.
2. I get obsessed with buying particular things on certain months. One month it was Black Milk, one month it was Jeffrey Campbells, one month it was new foundations etc. etc. etc.
3. I have published two journal articles in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, both on mobile app design. 
4. I got a First Class degree in Design Management for Fashion Retailing at the Uni of Manchester and used it to start a PhD. 
5. I have ballerina feet. Gutted.
6. I get excited when the new Elle Collections Magazine is released.

7. I am a massive rock, punk rock, alternative rock fan. But then I also love Hip Hop, RnB, Dub and D&B. Eclectic could be my middle name.
8. My favourite thing to do is eat out in amazing restaurants.
9. I have slight OCD to cleaning and tidiness.
10. I have a huge fear of Sharks – Selachophobia apparently.
11. I am the face of the Sea Salt and Black Pepper Real Crisps. Thats me here  just chilling with my salt shakers.
12. One of the best weeks of my life was spent at the Soundwave Festival in Croatia
13. I’d like to spend a night with Brian Fallon… 
14. I’m very career driven and will probably always put it first. 
15. My favourite product ever is the Dior Bronze Natural Glow. It is just the best thing for the skin I have ever used. 
16. I own five pairs of Jeffrey Campbells and twelve Black Mik products. Hence my obsessions.
17. I got an A in GCSE Latin. Somehow. Amo, Amas, Amat. 
18. I finish my PhD in 5 months and then Im going on a three month American Road trip through 33 states. I cannot tell you how excited I am. The celebration at the end of 6 University years.
19. I love anything that is aqua blue including my new iPhone case from The Dairy

20. My most expensive items of clothing are my Mulberry Polly Pushlock and my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. I saved and then I bought and then I loved. 
21. I have four tattoos (forearm, spine, ankles) and would like another three. Im thinking my thigh, ribs and maybe another on my arm. 
22. I am a huge Alanis Morissette fan. One of my tattoos reads ‘You Live You Learn’ as I live by the sentiment.
23. I used to eat Golden Syrup off crackers. Then I started the gym ! Do not try this at home.
24. If I could be anyone, I’d probably choose Barbara Palvin. How God created such a perfect face I do not know. 
25. I can play the guitar. Although long nails slightly inhibits this skill now. 
What are your 25 random facts? Hope you got a bit more of an insight into me and mine :) If you want to follow my daily routine and activities, you can also find me on instagram @inthefrow

V x

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