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New Years Resolutions

Written Down and Never Forgotten

As resolutions are something I often make but then never stick to as I forget what I decided, I thought this time I would blog them. I figured I’d keep them fairly simple and only make five. Five easily achievable goals for the year, shouldn’t be too difficult, right? 
1. See and make contact with friends more often.
I am lucky enough to have a bunch of amazing mates but they are dispersed around the city, nearby cities and foreign cities and because of this, I sometimes neglect to make a lot of contact with them when I am so busy myself. This year I am going to push myself to stop being lazy and to message, text, ring or contact them someway just to see how they’re doing. 
2. Stop worrying about the little things in life
I am a Cancer, which apparently means that I do not forget things easily. This is so so true for me, as I seriously find it hard to forget things that are said or done to me if it affects me emotionally. I cling onto it and it seriously eats me up, so this year I have decided to see the bigger  picture, realise that some things really aren’t worth worrying about and to start moving on. Life really is too short to worry about something that you cant control.
3. Exercise more and like it. 
I try to go the gym twice a week, but recently I havent managed to get there. New things have been happening, its been Christmas, Ive started the blog etc. so Ive been really busy with other things that I deem as more important. I dont need to lose weight, but I like to go to the gym to keep healthy, tone up and to allow me to eat the things that I really shouldn’t be. I just need to stop moaning about it and realise how good it makes me feel when I return home from the 90 minute slog.
4. Reduce my spending
I spend all of my monthly income on clothing, beauty and eating out. Literally all of it and then some. I’ve tried to curb this a number of times and each time I do, one of my favourite stores will have a sale, or I will convince myself I need the new Jeffrey Campbells, or a new camera and or a new pair of Black Milk Leggings. And I am exceptionally convincing. I need to save for an American Road Trip in June and this should be reason enough to start putting more money away and stop buying everything I see. This is going to happen!
5. Make my blog bigger and better
I started my blog in the last few days of October and since then I have been obsessed with it. I love writing about the products I use and love and so far the feedback from all of you has been amazing. Thank you so much for following and reading, it really means a lot that you enjoy the blog and/or my videos. I want to make the blog even better in the new year, a lot more variety in posts, more videos, more experimenting generally. Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy everything I write about and some of the changes and additions I make. 
What are your resolutions this year?

V x

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