La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I was intrigued about this product after seeing so many bloggers and You-tubers rave about it as one of their yearly favourites. To be honest I had never really known much about the brand before, but I was drawn in by the sophisticated and expensive look of the product. I must admit I’m a sucker for things that are well designed. So what did I think of the product?
Amazing. The consistency is gorgeous, almost like a creamy gel solution that smooths onto the face with a cool, refreshing feeling. It blends and sinks in gently leaving your skin feeling really hydrated and the scent is subtle; light, fresh and clean. It is supposed to be brilliant for keeping spots and blemishes at bay whilst unclogging your pores. I can’t say if this is true for certain, but I do know that I haven’t formed any blemishes or spots since I started using it a few weeks ago and my face does feel smoother and brighter. This is a firm part of my bedtime routine now and I actually get excited to apply it before sleeping. I will definitely be buying it again when it runs out.
What are you thoughts on this?

V x

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