HND 3D Nail Wraps

( HND 3D Nail Wraps in Once Upon a December – £5.50 *)

The Perfect Winter Nails

These are so cute and something I’ve never tried before. The 3D nail wraps from HND, Hollywood Nail Design, are perfect for nail art lovers and lovely for an evening or date night. You must have clean and fresh nails and you apply the wraps to each nail carefully, removing any excess with scissors and then filing them down to the shape of your nail with a nail file. The result is gorgeous and actually really fast and simple. The only downside is that one of them didn’t stick as well to my index finger nail and is coming up at the nail tip slightly, but otherwise the rest have stayed on my nails brilliantly. I would probably say the longevity of them is longer than using nail varnish, as mine lasted for around 6 days and would have stayed on longer. If you can get them to stick perfectly first time and file them down to be flush if not slightly shorter than your nail, there will be nothing to make them pull up. The likelihood is that they will stay put for as long as you like. They cost £5.50 and you get two sets in the pack which I think is really reasonable. This is definitely something I think I will try again in the future for a special occasion. The little gems are so gorgeous!
Has anyone else tried these? What did you think?

V x

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