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Clothes Show Live Haul

I managed to swindle a free ticket to the Clothes Show Live with my buddy Rosie, and of course managed to come back with a host of products. Forget the fact that its Christmas soon, we just went all out and spent more than we actually have. Its really disappointing how the Clothes Show has become so greedy in recent years, no longer handing out free goodie bags with samples for paying ticket holders but instead charging for them. It is not somewhere I would go if I had to pay for a ticket, but I didn’t mind jumping on the coach for a free ride. So here’s what I got:
I was so excited to see Regal Rose were attending the event. I have been stalking their website for months so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself without the delivery charge. I picked up the tiny silver knuckle ring for £11 and the silver raven necklace again for £11. The same price as the website but yet I got to choose them personally, without a delivery charge and got to take them straight home. The second place I was most excited to visit was the Paul Mitchell stand as I am a huge fan of Paul Mitchell hair products. I picked up the sculpting foam to try as it can boost volume into your roots and add a bit of a sea salt texture. Sold! That was £8.40 in a 3 for £25 offer. I also bought a pack of Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner for £15 in the Strengthen range. The smell was gorgeous and I wanted to treat myself to a pack, so that is the one I settled for. I will review them as soon as I can for you. I also went to a stall called Bomb Cosmetics which I haven’t heard of before, but their bath and skincare products were stunning. Very similar concept to Lush, but far nicer to smell in my opinion. They had bath bombs, creams, candles, soaps and shower gels all in the most fantastic scents you can imagine. I picked up a ‘Sunshine Honey’ candle for a friend as he’s a huge honey fan and I saw it and thought of him. As you’d guess, it really smells like honey with a bright, outdoor scent to it, really fresh and lovely. To go with that in a two for £10 offer, I also picked up Raspberry Rainbow Shower Gel, and if I told you it smelled incredible it would be an understatement. It smells like the strawberry part of a fab lolly, literally a strawberry sugar dream. I had to buy it straight away and the concept of having it in a ‘scoopable’ tub was just too cute to miss. I additionally picked up a strawberry bath creamer than smells like strawberry campinos for £2. It goes in the bath, slowly melting to leave your bath water creamy and delicious. 
Other than those treats, we also picked up a goodie bag from Elle with two Elle magazines for December and January with a Jemma Kidd Black eyeliner and a St Tropez gradual self tanner. That was only £2 and a bit of a sample bargain if you ask me. For £3 we also got a Company and Cosmopolitan bundle with sweets, an OPI nail polish, Rimmel eyeshadows, a mini batiste and a Missguided lipgloss. Not too bad for £3. 
So overall, a great but exhausting day. I’m glad I went just to pick up the Regal Rose and Paul Mitchell treats, but I probably won’t be going again if I’m honest. Did you go? What did you think?


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