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24 Days of Ciate

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! 

Very exciting as Christmas morning is only 24 hours away, yet that means the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar has come to an end. If Ciate could make one to last every day of the year, that would be amazing. I have gone through each of the colours on a weekly basis on the run up to Christmas, so if you would like to view the other colours in the calendar, they are here and here. So, lets look at what gems I found for the final week.

(Caviar Pearls in Candyshop)
Candyshop might possibly be my favourite caviar manicure colour. Looks how beautiful the orange, fuchsia and blue beads go together, they are stunning. I did however apply these to a fingernail and made the mistake of applying a clear layer above them, hoping it would set them in place. Unfortunately all it did was transfer the pink ink off the beads onto the other colours and made a total mess. 

( Fade to Greige)
Fade to greige is a taupe, grey/purple colour and not something I would usually wear. However, I think it could look really flattering on the finger nails as it is not too pale. I will have to try this out to gauge how I feel about it. 

(Cookies and Cream)
Cookies and Cream is an off white, cream colour that has more of a beigey undertone to it than entirely cream. It could look gorgeous as a french manicure colour however, or even to paint the very tips of your nails. 
Mojito is the colour I have least been looking forward to, as I am not this daring when it comes to nail varnishes. It is a lime green shade, so you would have to have an outfit prepared that would suit this really. Very different but maybe one day Ill give it a go. 

(Magic Carpet)
Magic carpet is a colour I got really excited about when I opened it. A beautiful glitter polish in an electric fuchsia purpley/pink. The colour really is stunning, however when I applied it, it is more of a clear polish with many specks of glitter. Therefore you have to apply a few layers of the shade for it to build up to a full glitter nail. It also didn’t have much staying power unfortunately and practically came off the day after it was applied. Yet, it did look gorgeous for that one day.
(Power Dressing)
Power Dressing is a rich navy blue and another wearable colour for an evening out or if you want a more dramatic nail look. I don’t have any navy blue nail varnishes so this will be a nice change for my polish collection. 

(Caviar Pearls in Sundance)

The sundance caviar pearls remind me a bit of the bumblebee pearls that I found earlier in the month. The colours include golden, yellow beads with a metallic blue with speckles of glitter throughout. Very pretty, but I think I will be reaching for candyshop and prom queen before these if I’m honest. 

(Enchanted Rose)

Enchanted Rose was the final and 24th day of the calendar and a gorgeous finish. A beautiful ruby red glitter polish, the same as magic carpet. This meant that again you have to add a few layers, in fact I added about four to get them to build up to a full glitter, but after it was applied they look beautiful. I feel a little bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but with ruby red nails rather than slippers.

Overall, I would say that Enchanted Rose, Magic Carpet and Candyshop pearls were my favourite for this week. For the whole calendar, I would also add Prom Queen pearls, Speed dial, Glass slipper and Angel Wings as my favourites, and colours that I would definitely buy again. I loved the calendar and will definitely be purchasing one again next year. If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, I highly recommend you keep an eye out next November because I’m sure next years calendar will be bigger and better.

Merry Christmas Lovelies! x


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