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Platinum to Purple

( Lilac Toner Treatment – See your salon prices )
I get a lot of people asking how I get my hair this colour, so I thought I would just write a small post on it. I have my hair dyed in a village salon near where my Mum still lives. I know the hairdressers well, they know exactly how I like my hair and the prices are extremely reasonable compared to city prices. For the past few years, I have always had a full head of bleach which is then toned for around 10 minutes until your hair starts to turn silvery grey. Recently though, after wanting a slight change and a toner that lasted slightly longer than around 6 weeks, my hairdressers recommended I try some lilac in the toner to brighten it up as a change. All they do is put a blob of purple hair dye into the toner and mix it up. They then apply the toner as usual, yet rather than going on almost clear and then turning my hair silver, my hair immediately starts to turn purple, especially at the roots which is more sensitive after the fresh bleach. The result after washing is a rich purpley lilac as you can see above. It will rinse out more and more with every wash, going through a very light lilac, to a slight pink until finally the platinum will start coming back and the hair is left with a slight lilac tone. I really love it and get so so many compliments on the shade. If you fancy doing something a bit different with your blonde, maybe give this a try.
My Salon – Head Management in Shevington
What do you all think? Dare to go lilac??

V x

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