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Eyelash Tinting Treatment

( Eyelash Tinting – Debenhams Urban Oasis Spa – £13 )

I first decided to get my eyelashes tinted last August when I was going away for a girls holiday. I have really fair hair being naturally blonde, so I wanted to make sure that my eyelashes still stood out even when I wasn’t wearing make up. I went to the Debenhams Urban Oasis Spa in Manchester City Centre actually because I was in a mad rush to get them tinted. I looked online for Manchester salons and found the link to the spa, so I decided to give it a go. So glad I did now! The ladies are so lovely and friendly, the spa is gorgeous and recently refurbished, and the price of £13 is really reasonable for the service you get.

So many people have asked me if eyelash tinting hurts. The answer is no, not at all. If you happen to get a bit of the dye in your eyes then yes it can sting slightly, but generally it is the most relaxing fifteen minutes of your day. You go straight through to a relaxing room where you  lie on a bed surrounded by soothing music. You lie back and the beautician places cotton pads underneath your eyes, below your lower lashes. She then paints on the dye using a tiny brush, making sure every lash is coated. It is done so gently that you can barely feel it. After it is all applied, you lie there with your eyes shut for 10-15 minutes until the beautician comes back and lightly brushes off the excess dye with a wet cotton bud. You can then use a wet cotton pad yourself to remove any more excess.

I absolutely love getting this done, the difference it makes to my eyes is amazing. Just from these two pictures you can see the difference between earlier when I had natural lashes and now with the blue/black tint. By the way, the picture above is right after the treatment with no other products applied. It lasts for around 6 weeks also so you only need to get it redone every two months if you want to make it a regular trip. I have the blue/black tint mixed with black. The blue/black tint has a slight shade of purpley/blue to it, which fades after a day or so but leaves your eyelashes jet black. The beautician mentioned to me that the blue/black seemed to last longer on the lashes and was the darkest shade, so I recommend this to anyone unsure. I truly recommend this spa to anyone in Manchester and eyelash tinting to anyone in the world. It gives you no-make-up days whenever you fancy one and is perfect for those nights you might be staying over at your boyfriends and want to look natural yet still as glamorous as you can be. It is also perfect for holidays, but be warned that going in the pool a lot will reduce the amount of time the dye will remain on the lashes. Yet I still found it lasted around 5 weeks as I am so pale. I will definitely be a regular customer from now on.
What do you all think? I hope I have inspired some of you to maybe try this sometime!

V x

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