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L’Oreal Wild Ombres Preference Dip Dye

( Loreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye No. 2 – £6.99 at Boots )
My flat mate decided that she wanted to dye her gorgeous, dark chocolate locks light ombré. Ombré is the term for colour that is two tone, and in terms of hair is when the colour fades from one colour to another seamlessly. I helped her to apply the dye and thought I would blog it as we went along. She used the No. 2 kit – dark blonde to medium brown. 
We used the Loreal Ombré dye. After placing all of the different substances into the applicator bottle and giving it a very vigorous shake, you apply the liquid into the bristles of a little brush they supply you with. This is such a good idea, meaning that you can brush the colour easily into the hair making sure it almost keeps it rough and uneven. You don’t just want a band of colour around your head. You want the colour to fade down, so having the edges a bit more rough means that the gradient is almost blurred and faded in. We tied up the top layer of hair that falls about an inch or two below the jaw line. By not dying the top layer of hair, it means it will fall and skim over the ombre line to blend the two colours even more. The colour will appear to fade from under the top layer. If you do not have a top layer of hair however, do not worry, the dye will still be able to blend the two tones well if you brush the dye on properly. 

I applied the liquid to the very tips of the hair first of all, meaning that the tips would be lightest at the very end due to the dye having longer to take. After rubbing the dye into the ends for about ten minutes, I then started to brush the dye through the rest of the hair, starting about an inch below the jaw line.

Starting at one side and working round the back to the opposite side. I then continuously rubbed dye into the covered areas, rubbing the hair between my hands. I kept applying more and more dye ensuring all of the hairs were covered and rubbing the colour lightly upwards into the ‘dye line’ to make the colours blend.

After 20 minutes

After 30 minutes
After 40 Minutes
The final outcome looks amazing, really subtle, blending from a beautiful deep chocolate to a light brown. If you wanted the ends to be even lighter, you would just need to re dye the very ends again, but beware that bleaching the ends of your hair over and over will require either a good trim or a lot of repair conditioner. Very very impressed!

V x

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