November 06, 2012

Topshop Nevada Lips

I picked up the Topshop lipstick a few days ago to cheer myself up. I already have the Secret Admirer shade and wear it almost daily. They go on so smooth and last for a few hours if you're not eating or drinking. The colours are really lovely and span from nudes through pinks to reds. Nevada is a nude shade with a very subtle pink tone. On the Topshop website, it looks much darker, but it is definitely more of a light nude like the picture I have taken above. At £8 each, the lipsticks are a much cheaper competitor to the MAC lipsticks and I think I probably like these just as much. I'm definitely going to build up my collection. 

What's your favourite Topshop Lip Shade?

V x


  1. oo I never tried Topshop lipsticks. This is a gorgeous colour! Btw I love your hair!

    1. Theyre really really good, I highly recommend them! And thank you so much :)

  2. love the color~
    Top Shop cosmetics have cute designs`


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